The recipe for a perfect holiday at TCB

Get the key ingredients right for a happy, memorable holiday.

When it comes to making the most perfect family holiday or reunion with friends, follow our tried and tested recipe and it will come out perfectly!


1.  Plan ahead

2.  Choose your holiday companions

3.  Book 

4.  Organise food & drinks

5.  Turn up and hang up the car keys.



First comes the planning.  The further ahead you plan and organise your precious time away together, the longer and sweeter the holiday becomes.  If it's school holidays you are after, then you need to get your skates on and look that little bit further ahead.  School holiday dates are often booked a year before, so get in early to avoid disappointment.  Whilst impromptu family/friends' gatherings are fantastic - how often are you able to get your perfect group together with so many diaries to consult?

Choose your companions!  This can be a tricky one!  Double check TCB's floor plan to ensure your guests fit the space nicely, whilst leaving you your bedroom of choice.  With 6 gorgeous, individual bedrooms accommodating up to 16 guests, don't be tempted to overfill.   Make sure every couple has their own room, so 6 couples is perfect.  The further 4 beds are really only suitable for children or for friends happy to share.  

Book.  This is perhaps the easiest part, once the 'who, when and where' decisions have been made as you can do it online at any time of the day or night.  Alternatively, you can pick up the phone and talk to us during sociable hours and we'll do it for you or guide you through the process.

Organise food and drinks.  This is something you may wish to delegate as organising for a large party can be challenging.  How you feed and water your party really comes down to personal preference and budget.  If it is catering, meal delivery or a chef for your stay then check out our caterers  who come highly recommended. You can leave the cooking behind and have your meals delivered or make the special celebration a memorable one with a chef and waitress service.  Alternatively arrange an online shop from any supermarket or COOK; all deliver to TCB.  This means all cold and frozen items can be delivered to the door cold and frozen.....not preheated by the journey.  This also leaves important room in your car for all your passengers and luggage.

Finally turn up and hang up the car keys.  Guests often try and squeeze in far too much.  With so much to do in Somerset  it's tempting to think you've time to do it all, but by the time you've unpacked, started chatting, been for a swim/sauna/hot tub, played a game or two, fallen in love with the animals in the Orchard, sat watching the bird table and strolled around the farm, the time quickly vanishes.  The Cottage Beyond has it all, with little need to venture out - so is the perfect place to stay and leave those car keys redundant for a while.


Here's hoping the recipe works for you and you have a perfect, memorable (for all the right reasons), happy holiday at The Cottage Beyond.