Bookings made at this property are made under the followings terms:

Booking Terms and Conditions for The Cottage Beyond.

Booking Contract.

The contract for the provision by of us of your short-term holiday rental accommodation (property) for the dates of your booking (your stay) will be between the Owners of The Cottage Beyond (we or us) and the Lead Booker (you or your or Lead Booker) under the following booking conditions.  A contract will form between us once we have received your deposit and confirmed your booking by email (contract).  The contract will be subject to these booking conditions, which must be complied with. You will have been provided with a copy of these terms and conditions by email, or as part of the booking form, and by proceeding with the booking you are deemed to have read and agreed with them.  You confirm that you are authorised to sign the booking form on behalf of all members of your party.  You will ensure that all members of your party will be aware of the booking conditions.  You are required to be a member of the party occupying the property and you will ensure that each member of your party is listed on the booking form.  You will ensure that their full name and age (if under 30) shall be included.  


Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of the booking form and payment, which forms the contract.  If the booking form is submitted 12 weeks or more before the start date of your stay a 20% payment is required of the cost of the stay (Deposit). The balance of the rental will be due 12 weeks prior to the start of your stay. If your booking is made within 12 weeks of the start of your stay then full payment will be due at the time of booking. We will send a reminder when the balance is due. Non payment of the balance by the due date may be treated as your intention to cancel your booking and we will be entitled to re-let the property without reference to you. 


Cancellation by You

If you need to cancel your stay, you must confirm your intention to cancel, to us, in writing, by email or letter, as soon as possible.

Travel Insurance

You, and the other members of your party, are advised to take out personal holiday cancellation insurance against events that might result in a need to cancel your stay.  

There are several options for travel insurance, and you are advised to fully understand what you are covered for when taking out your insurance as different policies vary greatly.  You may choose to take out ‘Booking Protect’ at the time of yourbooking, please read the Terms and Conditions of Booking Protect’s offer fully to ensure it is suitable for your needs.

Options for Travel Insurance can be found via websites such as or

If you choose not to take out UK travel insurance, then you accept responsibility for any loss that you may incur due to your cancellation.

National Lockdown

In the event of a national lockdown that coincides with your stay, where you are unable to travel, and we are prevented from opening, you will receive a full refund, less the cost of insurance if you chose to insure your stay via ‘Booking Protect’ at the time of your booking.

Regional/Local Lockdown

In the event that your address is put into Local/Regional lockdown, preventing you from travelling, and the period of restriction covers the duration of your stayyou will receive a full refund, less the cost of insurance if you chose to insure your stay via ‘Booking Protect’ at the time of your booking.  Please note, this applies only to the address given by you, and not the addresses of other members of your party.

Your inability or decision not to travel for any reason.

This includes, but is not limited to, illness (including Covid), a requirement or recommendation to self-isolate or quarantine, a call to jury duty, incarceration, change in personal or work circumstances, family emergencies, travel delays, vehicle breakdown and delays to public transport.  These remain at your risk and do not give rise to a right for a refund unless we re-let the property.  You, and members of your party, are advised to take out travel insurance for these eventualities.


All refunds will be subject to the deduction of a non-refundable administration fee.  This fee will be 5% of the total cost of the stay to a maximum of £150.  This is to cover the costs associated with cancellation and remarketing, including, but not limited to, advertising, accounting fees and administration.

On Cancellation we will endeavour to re-let the property.  You will remain liable for the full cost of your stay.  If the property is re-let for all or part of your stay we will refund you all or part of the value of your stay, depending on the value of the replacement booking, less the administration fee.

Cancellation by Us.

If we have to cancel your stay for any reason, including a Force Majeure event, you will be refunded in full.  Force Majeure means any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of us, including, but not limited to, an Act of God, Fire, Flood, War or Acts of Terrorism. We will not be liable for any other claim for loss by you.

If for any reason we are forced to cancel your stay part way through due to a Force Majeure event affecting us or the propertywe will refund you the remaining costs based on the duration of your stay remaining.  This will be the extent of our liability and no additional compensation, expenses or costs will be payable.


Duration of Stay

The period of your stay commences at 4pm on the first day of the booking period and ends at 10am on the date of departure unless otherwise agreed in writing between us and you.

The contract between us and you is intended to create a license for you to occupy the property for a purpose of a holiday for the duration of your booking and such licence shall not include, or create, any tenancy whether assured, assured shorthold or otherwise. 

Your obligations. You agree to:

  • No more than 14 persons occupying the property, unless with prior written agreement by us
  • Not use the property or site for any illegal, dangerous, offensive or noisy activities or behave in a way that may be a nuisance or annoyance to us or others.
  • Pay for any losses or damages to the property, however caused, with reasonable wear and tear being excluded.
  • Take good care of the property and leave it in a tidy condition at the end of your stay.
  • Not smoke or cook anywhere other than the permitted areas of the property.
  • Not bring pets to the property without prior agreement in writing by us.  In the event that such agreement is given youwill observe the regulations regarding pets at the property, which form part of these conditions.
  • Use the garden and play equipment and Spa Hall at your own risk.
  • To allow us access to the property at all reasonable times for the purpose of carrying out maintenance, cleaning and repairs of the Spa Hall, the property and all fixtures and fittings therein.

We observe the right to repossess the property at any time where damage or nuisance has been caused by you or any member of your party, or terms of conditions have breached.  In such event we shall not be liable to make any refund whatsoever.

Spa Hall

Please remember that the use of the Spa Hall carries the usual risks of any water based activity. We have produced rules and regulations for use of the Spa Hall which you must familiarise yourself with, and observe. We are not able to exclude or limit our liability for negligence or breach of contract resulting in death or personal injury and we do not seek to do so. However, we will not accept any allegation of negligence or breach of contract leading to such consequences where you have failed to act reasonably and in accordance with our rules and regulations.

  • Remove all outdoor shoes on entering the Spa Hall.
  • Do not swim under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not take any glass or china items in to the Spa Hall.
  • Ensure all under 16’s and novice swimmers are fully supervised by a responsible adult.  
  • Use of the Spa Hall alone is not recommended. 
  • Fully read the Spa Hall guidelines and instructions which are found on the website, in the property handbook, and in the entrance of the Spa Hall.

Regarding Pets

You agree:

  • To ensure that pets are kept under control at all times.
  • To ensure that any pet is clean and dry before allowing inside the house.
  • Never to leave any pet unattended.
  • Not to allow any pet in the Spa Hall.
  • Not to allow any pet upstairs or in the downstairs bedroom.
  • Not to allow any pet on the furniture.
  • To bring all pet bedding required and towels for drying the pet when required.

Data Privacy Statement

We treat any data collected during the course of making bookings or dealing with enquiries in strict confidence.  Your data will never be sold.  As members of Premier Cottages (a marketing collective of the best four and five star cottages in the UK) wehave agreed to supply to Premier Cottages Ltd the names, postal and email addresses of all guests booking with us during the previous year, in order that these guests may be sent a Premier Cottages brochure and sent promotional emails from time to time.  By accepting these terms and conditions you are indicating your consent to receiving these communications unless you let us know otherwise.  If at any time you would like your details removed from this list all you need do is click the unsubscribe link on any of the emails or contact and we will arrange for you to be removed from our database.