Ready for the summer holidays

Ever more reasons to stay at The Cottage Beyond!

We have been very busy working around the farm and in the office to bring new activities to our families just in time for the school holidays.   "The Woods"  have always been a great place to wonder and explore as there are lots of paths to run around,  picnic tables for you to use and of course where the elves and fairies live.  Well it's just got a little bit better!  Thanks to Alan and John's hard work there are now four wonderful log swings waiting for all to enjoy.  

And.....we've just developed our own "Stamp Box Challenge".  If you have ever done "Letterboxing on Dartmoor" you'll know the idea.  Around The Cottage Beyond, it's garden and the farm are hidden 10 waterproof boxes.  Inside these boxes are ink pads and stamps.  Guests using a map and rhyming clues have to find these and stamp up their books as proof of find and when they've collected them all they can come to us for a special celebration stamp.

"To get your book validated and stamped a success,
Find the Management to acquiesce your request.
They'll sign it and stamp it and say well done you,
For you've completed the task you set off to do."

Stampboxing is a fantastic way to get everyone out walking around the farm.  Having to be detectives, discovering the boxes and stamping them up is sufficient reward for many little peoples legs to forget about tiredness!

Happy summer holidays everyone.

One of the logs swings in the woodsTCB's Stamp Box Challenge