Spring down on the farm!

Warm sunshine, blooming daffodils and new arrivals make Spring an exciting time to be on the farm.

Farm dog Pepsi with spring daffodils.Pigs spot and stripeLamb cuddles

The last few weeks have been one storm after another, but the plants and animals know that the daylight hours are getting longer and that spring is almost here!

Beautiful spring primroseFrogspawn laid in one of our ponds.A couple of weeks ago we had two gorgeous piglets arrive - thoughtfully named Spot and Strip (I will leave you to guess which is which), and then earlier this week 6 beautiful lambs also came to join us at Kittisford Barton.  Currently only a few of them have names - Goat, Oreo, Titch....i'm sure the rest of the names will come in due course.

Pepsi and Elbie the farm dogs are still keeping us all company on walks, runs and explorations around the farm.  We've recently taken quite a few trips down to Watery lane to check the water levels and play Pooh Sticks! Lots of fun!

Its always lovely to see the fauna around us start to tell us it really is spring! We have wild primroses appearing in the woods, a carpet of lesser celandine with its bright yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves down by the river and catkins on the hazel trees all around the farm.  The wild garlic is really taking off, and it won't be long before we are down there forraging to gather fresh leaves to eat.  

We have also been on the look out for freshly laid frogspawn and toad spawn which has been appearing in the ponds and large puddles around the farm. This always feels like a pivotal moment in the transformation from winter to spring as the animals start behaving like its spring too!


Happy spring time to you all!