Outdoor Holiday Fun for all Ages

Nest swing, play tower, trampoline upgrades and a supersized decking - time at TCB just keeps getting better following our recent upgrades.

This last month has seen us take some time for a maintenance period for TCB.  If you’ve seen our video on Facebook  you’ll know that it was a fortnight of crazy weather, with snow at the start and glorious sunshine towards the end!

Giant's table on the new decking area

Despite pausing for a few days due to poor weather we managed to perform a massive transformation of some of TCB’s outdoor space. 


Firstly there is the beautiful new larger decking, for lazy summer lunches or an afternoon tea.  We even managed a picnic on it in the sunshine in February!!  Our amazing ‘Giants table’ has now got space to breathe, so you can all hang out on the decking with space to spare.


TCB's roundabout in action


Then there are a number of other upgrades throughout the garden area.  The entire play space or 'garden playroom' has been enlarged and resurfaced with a very natural looking but super soft all weather play surface.


The roundabout has had a smart lick of paint and is spinning well.  But the real treat is the fabulous new children’s play tower – with fireman’s pole, small climb and a den underneath! D (5) and A (2), our chief testers spent quite a while selling ‘ice creams’ out of the ‘shop’ window, and we are sure that other small visitors will have hours of fun on it too!

Fabulous new play tower with fireman's pole


TCB's trampoline with new safety pads and nettingIt's not all about children!  A treat for all ages - a magnificent nest swing - is due to be installed this week.  We LOVE nest swings, big enough for adults to lounge on, on their own or with a chum, and children tend to pile onto them!  


Again our chief testers all have their own techniques, sometimes involving a family group hug, or sometimes standing up holding on to the sides of them 'surfing' or maybe even occasionally lying face down with their heads peaking out over the edge!  Given the opportunity - have lie on the nest swing on your own with a book - it's so relaxing!


The final touch was to spruce up our much loved trampoline with new pads and netting. It's all set for another season of bouncing!


We're sure all our guests and going to love all these changes - we certainly do - all such fun!



Don't forget to check our availablilty - we have just a couple of weekends and midweeks left before the summer - it would be lovely to see you here with a group of friends or family!