Sensational September

Spectacular, special and sometimes silly

We do love September here at TCB as there is so much going on in the vicinity.  Lets start with the silly!  

The World Wellington Boot Throwing Championship

Just last weekend The World Wellington Boot Throwing Championships were held in of all places, Wellington!  A new world record was set by someone throwing a boot an amazing 36.8m.  That's one huge throw.  I'm not sure of the precise rules but perhaps it something you should all try when staying here as we have a big garden and loads of wellies!  Practise enough and enter the annual competition next year.


TCB's line-up of Wellington Boots for guests to borrow

Somerset Art Weeks Open Studios

This weekend sees the start of the two week long Somerset Art Weeks Open Studios.  Nearly 200 venues around Somerset open their doors showcasing the work of over 300 artists.  It's an exciting and revealing event.  A chance to talk to artists and get an insight into their working practices.  It's also the opportunity to buy direct from the makers, commission pieces, introduce children and friends to the mysteries of craftsmanship.  We are surrounded by some very talented artists and many of the open studios are within easy reach of TCB.  For the excellent online version of the Somerset Open Studios guide click on the link.


Front cover of Somerset Open Studios Guidebook


Wellington Carnival

Wellington manages to round of September in spectacular style with it's annual carnival on Saturday 28th.  The carnival provides a unique free spectacle for people of all ages to enjoy, and also raises valuable funds for local good causes. The streets of Wellington will be an exciting blaze of colour as the Wellington Carnival takes place, starting at 7.30pm from the Rockwell Green end of town with people lining the streets along the Carnival route.

The processions of illuminated floats are part of an ancient tradition, which stretches back as far as the 1600's when many parts of Somerset commemorated the Gunpowder plot.  The floats can be huge, over 50 feet long, covered in hundreds of light bulbs and there's plenty of music.  Dwarfing the streets, these magnificent edifies drawing awe and wonder from the crowds are the results of months of work by the Carnival Clubs. These spectacular events can be hard to describe and you really do need to see them to believe them!


Carnival float