New motorway installed!

From the country lane that runs through our farm right up to the Woods, allowing guests vehicle access.

One of the fairy doorsFun on the log swingsWell - in truth, it's not up to motorway standards, more like a pretty good farm track.  But one of our regular contractors saw the earth works and asked why we were putting in a motorway - so that's what we're calling it!

Nothing beats spending time in woodland.  Not only is it fun but research has found that it's positively beneficial.  Being amongst the trees can help alleviate stress and depression, easy muscle tension, counter attention deficit disorder and even calm an erratic heart.  In Japan the latest craze is for 'forest bathing'.  By enjoying the air, scents, vegetation and sounds of all the birds and animals living there your personal wellbeing is improved.  So everyone should spend some time in our woods whist staying at The Cottage Beyond.

Our woods are a magical playground where everyone can have exciting adventures and reap the health benefits and now Paths in the woodwe've made getting to them even easier.  If you've ever wanted to go and explore our woods but felt the walk up the hill too much, well now, thanks to some big kit and great human resources, an all weather track has been established with a parking/turning area at the top.  It's not up to highways standard but taken slowly most cars will have no difficulty driving it.  Now you can get pushchairs, small peoples bikes and wheelchairs up to the woods and their occupants can enjoy the picnic area, finding the fairy doors, stamp boxes and watching/listening to all the wildlife.Track construction


 Most of the work was carried out in the intense heat earlier this summer and I just love the photo of the dumper driver who had to resort to bringing his own shade to work!