TCB awarded M2 in the National Accessibility Scheme

Part time wheelchair users and those with restricted walking ability welcome here.


We are delighted to announce that after great advise from VisitEngland, careful planning and alterations in early January to the ground floor en-suite shower room The Cottage Beyond has achieved the M1 and M2 awards in the National Accessibility Scheme.  


Having a son with severe disabilities opened our eyes to many of the obstacles in place for others that limit their enjoyment of holiday facilities.  So whilst The Cottage Beyond has evolved over the years with our best intentions to provide access for all we did not made reference to the National Accessibility Scheme's standards.  


Now we've addressed that, we're up to standard and still looking normal and stylish!  Whilst TCB already had many of the necessary features, like level access doorways, switches and sockets fitted at appropriate heights and ramps as alternatives to steps there were many smaller items that we had overlooked.  It was thanks to the VisitEngland inspector pointing out our deficiencies that we were able to address the required items in order to be awarded the NAS M1 & M2.  

Doorhandles on the wardrobe are now easy grip handles rather than fiddly knobs, a bell to summons help is available, the wash hand basin has been changed so that wheelchair users can get their chairs under, the shower now sports easy lever controls like the washbasin, there are strategically placed tasteful grab rails, mirrors that all can see in and chairs with arms to easily get out of.  Well we've done it and hopefully we have made TCB easier for all.


If you or a member of your family is looking to stay somewhere unique, stylish, inclusive and accessible then do check out all that The Cottage Beyond has to offer - we want everyone to enjoy our beautiful home.  And please remember - if there is anything we can do to help further let us know and we will do our best to help make your stay even better.